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  1. oh okay thanks ill just forget about it then thanks for the help
  2. hello i have a gtx 1060 and my monitor has an windows vesta thing lol. its my gtx 1060 has a dvi port so im using a vga to dvi convertor so it can connect but idk if its working
  3. hello, So ive had my main monitor for a long time wich uses HDMI and I found this old monitor which uses VGA cable. The monitor plugs in and turns on but when i go to settings to detect it. It dosent work for some reason ive watched many tutorials on trying to fix it but none of them worked so far. Many of the videos told me to just check if my drivers are up to date which they are. Another video told me to go to my Mother Board BIOS and find internal Grahics which I didhavent i had Intergrated grahics for anyone wondering my bios is a gigabyte. all im asking is for some help please im li