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  1. I know “hotmail” didn’t do it. The user behind the account did. I didn’t even say the company hacked it, I just gave the name of the accounts full name.
  2. Yeah... I figured. It was worth a shot though. My poor account...
  3. So yeah. I woke to < removed by moderation > now owns my Facebook account They striped the account of my actual email, phone number, and even added a 6 digit pin that can only be accessed by their email. I managed to, thankfully, find the email (as presented) and change the password, but I still need the 6 digit code to log in. Is there a way to access this email at all?? And yes, hacking is my last resort, but just I want my account back. That, and I have next to no clue on how to hack an email. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have! ( I have tried se