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  1. Question: how different will be the actual gameplay be from these videos? because YouTube compresses the videos losing quality and the screen capture is also running which affects the performance in some way. So are these video's accurate depiction of what the gameplay will look like? or I am correct and these videos are not an accurate depiction of the gameplay that it been altered and polluted the test and the actual gameplay will be a pleasant playable experience.
  2. 1- Remake of Resident evil 2, 3 and the future remake of RE4 and the upcoming RE8 2- Watch dogs 3 3- rockstars games both RDR2 and GTA V and maybe a big maybe it's future games
  3. just to be clear (and sorry I overthink stuff to much and i am not very techie) you are saying that i should go with 1660 super and the games will be playable and i wouldn't experience any noticeable problem with I7-4770 and 1660 super combined ?
  4. How severe will be the bottleneck? and what if I paired it with a 1650 super what kind of performance will I get form that keeping that in mind my mind set is to have a playable setting not looking for ultra high resolution i will be happy on 720p gaming tbh
  5. STRICLY speaking the truth I am just considering that to just be able to play the upcoming Resident evil 8 and Resident evil 4 remake (and maybe able to play other future games that are coming) that will be coming in the future i would be happy to play those games just either low or medium as long as it's playable and i want to hook 3rd monitor to my extricating setup of 2 monitors that's why thinking of going with 1660 super but then just one thing that worrying me is the bottleneck will it happen or wont it??
  6. I am prepared to lower my eye candy and wont be plating games on high or ultra even now but my concern is bottlenecking would that be a problem for me running a 1660s on a I7-4770 (non k) or would it be even noticeable by a casual user like ?
  7. So up you think i should go with a 1660s ? btw I am seriously not concerned with playing games on its highest setting or anything I just want to have it on a playable setting.
  8. The problem is I think this GPU will be last upgrade I ever do cuz getting to a point in life where even finding the time to play will be hard so want something that will atlest last a little longer
  9. Hi guys, I am in need of some wisdom from you guys to decide what should I buy? A gtx 1660 super 6gb or a 1650 super 4gb combined with a i7-4770 (non K) and 16GB of RAM. I can't upgrade my CPU so I need to choose between those two but I am concerned that if I buy a 1660 super it will bottleneck my CPU (or will it? I seriously don't know and just looked on a bottleneck calculator website) but I REALLY like the idea of having Extra V-RAM then 1650 super with which I know it won't bottleneck but will the 4GB of V-RAM will be sufficient enough to some play AAA games (Mostly