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  1. I do not have a DVI cable
  2. Found out the model. here there is some info. This one says another resolution, weird because even in my monitor settings (not windows but own display's menu) specifies 1024x768 as resolution
  3. I do not really know the model of the second display, but I connected it via an adapter from VGA to HDMI, as mi PC's GPU does not support VGA
  4. I just got a second monitor, which one that is a bit old, but does the work. Its resolution is 1024x768. My main monitor is 1920x1080. The thing is that the second monitor looks like if it was zoomed in or scaled bigger. I found out that if I change the resolution to a bigger one it zooms out as I would want it, but it does not display some things like the start menu or even the taskbar properly, like if it was displaying something bigger than the monitor itself. Note that in the right display everything looks bigger.