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  • CPU
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    Clevo N970TF
  • RAM
    64GB RAM
  • GPU
    RTX 2070
  • Case
    CLEVO N970TF
  • Storage
  • PSU
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    IPS 1080
  • Cooling
    CLEVO Stock
  • Keyboard
    Built in
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    Sub Par Clevo
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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    This Machine

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  1. Tried the Corsair ram. Same behavior. It’s probably the board. Maybe the cpu. Swapping both.
  2. bought some corsair vengeance low profile in 16GB sticks also at 3200 will try those today. If they work anyone want some team group ram?
  3. Latest bios installed. No DOCP profile. Tried the A2+B2 setup when trying everything will only output display and post when a single stick is installed. .
  4. Asus x570 e gaming motherboard ryzen 7 3700X attempting to get to post 64gb of team group dimms 4x16 teamgroup 1tb nvme in slot 1 generic nvme 256gb in slot 2 Zotac rtx super 2060 mini for video noctua nh 12us cooler (Linus makes putting this on look way easier in videos) that’s all I have so far. if there is more than one dimm installed I get a solid ram error light and q code 02 tried all four dimms in slot one they all work as singles.
  5. Evening gentlemen and ladies. I am building a system for a friend and have the board loaded with the cpu, noctua coolers, and 64gb of Teamgroup 3200mhz ram. The system will not post with more than one dimm installed of ram. we have tested all the ram sticks and they all work in slot A2. but if I add more than one, I get no post and no display out of the GPU. Any suggestions MuskieSpook