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  1. no it happens while i edit occasionally, and while I am afk. not often while afk tho. as well as editing only bsod during editing if i have something that takes more than 3 hours to render
  2. yes, they were all updated
  3. integrated gpu Vega 8 or something
  4. Sorry about that forgot to put it, Most of the BSOD's are Thread_stuck_in_device_driver but occasionally it will be some other one like is_notfound or something
  5. Hello, I built my computer about 3 months ago, I started getting BSOD's while editing and playing games, about 3 weeks in, i couldn't find a fix. I Ryzen 3 3200g EVGA PSU ASROCK A320M-HDV 8 gv corsair vengeance or smthn Please help, this is annoying, is it my motherboard?