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  1. Decided to go for a GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE as it has Flash BK Button, good VRM, and it's well within my budget since it's on offer for 186 EUR. Thank you for your time and swift replies. I love this group so much
  2. so for example, i will be update to update a MSI x570 a PRO ? i guess according to this chart anyways ? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmsTYK9Z3-jUX5LGRoFnsZYZiW1pfiDZnKCjaXyzd1o/edit#gid=2112472504 Or could you please recommend some mid range boards that can ? less than let's say 220 EUR or $
  3. Hello peeps, do i need to update my bios (x570 asus p prime) for me in order to use the new x5600 ? My current rig has intel so i'm not that sure on how will i manage to do that without booting the pc? Could you recommend some boards which i don't need to update if the answers is yes to my main question? Thanks
  4. Budget (including currency): ~1500 until 2000 Country: GERMANY Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GAMES/ BROWSING Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): i already have a 2070s ventus OC can't decide if i should do a i7 10700k build from scratch or jump on a 5600x bundle ( i can't purchase it alone unfortunately ). The r5 bundle is: r5, dark rock 4 cooler, 2x8 ddr4 3200 C=? *gskill aegis* and asus tuf g
  5. I am quite concerned about overshooting and slow response time on the IPS displays hence why i'd rather go for a TN display instead?
  6. I knew i forgot something! Maximum 500 i guess? Not willing to spend more on one monitor to be honest.
  7. Hello fellow brethren, I recently purchased asus tuf gaming vg27wq1b but my experience with it has been horrible (extreme blur on moving images probably because it's a VA panel and has high MPRT + g2g i guess?) and i will return it today or tomorrow. As a result, i am left searching for a new monitor. At the moment i am thinking about getting the following monitors: -ACER predator xb271HUA -AOC G2590FX -Acer XN253QP -Asus VG278QF Any recommendations or suggestions would be nice. I am looking for a FPS AND MOBA gaming monitor without blur which also has a