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    Gaming, RGB
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    I was born, then I lived for a while, and here I am now!
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    Too lazy to work


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    AMD Ryzen 3700x 8 core
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    ASUS X-570P
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    32GB of Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA 2080 Super Black
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    Ugly thermaltake box full of dust
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    1 byte M.2 SSD
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    A television
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    The wind
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    Logitech G
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    Some broken Hyper-X headphones
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  1. Hey everyone! I’m making a setup built around my floor gaming chair and I need a roughly 20”-tall desk. I’d also like it to be about 50”-55” wide. I can’t find anything so I’m just wondering if you cool dudes could help me.
  2. Sad but also happy but also kinda annoyed but also a little bit satisfied

  3. I know people are selling off their 2080 supers for cheap and I’d like to know if I should just buy another one and connect them via SLI or buy a new 3080. (Keep in mind this would only be a stopgap to hold me over until I can afford a 3080 or 3090)
  4. The Reliant Robin flies!!! 235DB5A0-283A-44F5-8445-6C243B9B799D.webp Never mind... D868C79B-240D-4290-8AD5-547CE9ABA3D6.webp
  5. Oh, in that case you should probably go for some sort of ASUS motherboard and definitely a modular PSU. If you’re getting a new case, I recommend the Cooler Master H500 Mesh. I’m gonna rebuild soon and that’s the one I’m gonna use.
  6. I’m not really the most knowledgeable but I think you’d want an AMD CPU and different RAM. You’d have to get a different motherboard that supports AM4 processors, though.
  7. How do you guys stay cozy? I sit at a desk for school and it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. The edge of the desk digs into my arms. I currently have a super comfy setup at my TV where I have a mini-sofa right up against the TV stand. The TV stand has an opening for VCRs and consoles where I put my feet, and my keyboard sits on my lap. There’s a mini-table right next to me where I put my mouse and my PC in front of that. Thing is, I’m moving to a desktop setup in about a month, and I wanna know if there’s any way I can keep that level of comfort. Any creative and out-of-the-box ideas are
  8. I literally just had a dream about this post right before I woke up... I dreamt that I got a free PC but it was this one and it had mismatching ram sticks and was full to the brim with random hard drives >~<
  9. I’ve been looking around a little bit for some dirt-cheap sleeved cables, but cablemod is way too expensive. I need a 6-pin PCI-e and an 8-pin, as well as a standard ATX 24-pin PSU cable. I don’t care about quality as long as they don’t completely fry my pc :I. I’m just looking for something that’ll bend more easily as the cables in my case stick out because they’re plastic-coated. I’m using a 650-750w (Can’t remember right now) Seasonic Focus modular PSU.
  10. Inb4 some grump comes out with the “random != funny” and ruins everyone’s mood ;-;
  11. That’s one I’ve been looking at. If I can’t find anything better (which I probably won’t), that’s the one I’ll go for. I hear it also has really good cooling which is nice because it’s gonna be situated right next to a radiator lol
  12. The graphics tho... I honestly wish I could live there forever. I haven’t fired up my switch in a while but I think I will tonight! Second thought, Nintendo makes some of the prettiest games I’ve ever played, not to mention their music. I’m a huge fan of nintendo!
  13. I’m looking to get a new case for my PC with a budget of about $100. I can go a few bucks over, but I really need a new case. I’ve been looking into cases with 200mm fans because they run slower and quieter. I also really want the fans to have addressable RGB because I’m going for a full aura sync build and, well, RGB.