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  1. Ok success!!! After 6 try's the bios flash took or shall i say it read the file on usb... Now i can go to 3000mhz https://prnt.sc/v7astq Thanks guys u helped a lot
  2. That is what i am trying to do...
  3. Yeah did this and says no file to flash
  4. Can you please explain on how you get 2 years... i updated it to latest version in the binning of this year think it was the v5j 1
  5. Hey Hey https://prnt.sc/v79j9c Yeah i did that and copy it over to the usb it looks like this in the pic
  6. Yeah so any dram voltage suggestions?
  7. https://prnt.sc/v79dce I have that on my flash drive but m-flash says there is no file to flash
  8. Hey hey yeah ram in slot 2 and 4...the thing is with the 3200g it worked no issue.... only thing i changed was cpu. will try the volts setting
  9. Hey guys My Specs: Msi x370 Gaming Plus Ryzen 3100 Teamforce White 3000mhz DDR4 Ram Win10 Pro BIOS: E7A33AMS.5JP Ok my issue is when i had the 3200g cpu i could change the ram to 3000mhz but now with my new 3100 i cant... its keeps reverting back to 2400mhz and tells me memory overclock unsuccessful and i must press f1 to go back in bios If i select the A-XMP to enable it shows 3000mhz and if i disable it shows 2400mhz... Any reason why i cant select the 3000mhz?? Thanks guys