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  1. Okay, so I'm considering getting the 5900x and getting a 5600xt for now just so I can get the computer up and running while waiting for the AIBs to come out with 6800xts. Is there any reason I shouldn't go this route or any other suggestion for a cheaper gpu that will still be good enough to game with on an ultrawide at decent fps.
  2. Unfortunately the laptop is old enough that I can't RMA it. I dropped a screw on the battery terminal with the battery still plugged in and shorted something just not sure what.
  3. I'm hoping that's not going to be the case. I did a lot of research before picking the parts for the computer (hours and hours of research)
  4. Budget (including currency): $3-4k USD Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Heavy gaming, audio production, streaming Other details: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/rgfregger/saved/Y3Zd99 This computer is replacing a beast of a laptop that I killed (I'm an idiot) while trying to install new storage. I am salvaging the parts from that laptop that I am able to. I am also already in the process of gathering the parts for the build and am waiting for the R9 5900x (assuming I can get my hands on one) and waiting to see what big navi looks l