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  1. yeah did get tweezers like that but they weren't the ones they couldn't hold the pin
  2. tried doing it with tweezers no luck do you know any tweezers specific for laptop pins maybe mine weren't the ones
  3. no not in bios either stick works fine when pushed.
  4. no it isnt the ram isnt being detected by the system
  5. yes by hand and tissue. Ill try some of your method too.its not dirty its the light reflecting
  6. This happened when I tried to install the ram. One of my ram pin got stuck deeper into the socket than the rest .I tried using tweezers it didn't work. I tried using tape to pull up the pins by putting it on the pins and removing but no luck. Can anyone suggest me a completely heat and electrical resistant tape or tweezers for pin repair? or a way to push the ram down cuz it works fine when under pressure .The laptop I use is Lenovo idea pad 320 15kb