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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently running a Nextcloud server on my rpi 4 (model B). Storage space is running out on my SD card however, and performance/ and durability isn't great compared to an SSD. Therefore, i want to extend the storage space with an external (USB) SSD. However, powerdraw over USB for a pi 4 is capped at 1.2A. I had my eye set on a rugged LACIE SSD (great value/money), but it probably draws more power and won't work with the pi. The way i see it, there are 3 solutions: 1. find a power efficient SSD that draws under 1.2A 2. get an SSD with its ow
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone! Good idea on the donating front, since it is probably still capable of basic office tasks. I would really rather donate it to an individual than an institution though. If any of you know someone in the Netherlands who really needs a pc for work/school, let me know (long shot, but who knows). In the meantime, i'll see if I can find someone as well.
  3. Would like to do that, but I am having a hard time finding someone in my area (netherlands - south holland). put the system online several times, but no takers. Any better strategies to find someone?
  4. Hello everyone, Have been watching LTT for a while now, dropped in here to ask around on what to do with an old (ancient) gaming system and general curiousity.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post, new to the forum here. I have an old gaming pc which has been collecting dust for a while now. (specs below). I want to either use it or get rid of it, but selling doesn't really seem like a viable option as the parts would not be worth anything anymore. Any other ideas of cool things to do with the pc? Would anyone be interested in these legacy parts? Case: Antec 1200 Motherboard: Biostar T-power I45 Processor: Intel core2duo E8500 RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 - PC2