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  1. Upgrading it was my second option, i wanted to get different opinions on it. My PSU is an Aerocool 80 Plus Bronze...read solid reviews of it and to this day it has never let me down, it has been an uneventful experience...but sure, the brand is not the best. Considering the GPU in question, i'll just bite the bullet and get something better. Thank you. Fair enough. My use is not that heavy, it's not a proper "work workstation", or for that many hours per day, but I guess the whole adaptor stuff is not worth the risk. What other brands would you suggest? I heard very good of Season
  2. Hi to everyone I was looking to upgrade my pc on the GPU side. I use it as a mix of workstation (cad and stuff) and games. Current GPU is an Nvidia Quadro P4000. The possibile upgrade is an AMD Radeon Pro WX8200. Note: i know this particular card makes little sense in price/performance, but i'm getting it as enterprise/company surplus, so the price isn't really a factor. The question is: i currently have a 550W 80 plus bronze PSU, with a single 8 pin gpu power connector. I was wondering if i could run the AMD card which requires a 6 pin + an 8 pin by using a molex to 6/