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  1. How can i update GPU BIOS? I cant open my laptop with the GPU running it causes my laptop to freeze and boot again and freeze and boot again thats why im using UMA graphics to open my laptop properly. My GPU cant run on overclock or high perfomance but i think it can run on underclock or power saver.
  2. But I already did it and messed it up :,( . I was wondering if i can revive my GPU. Can it be done?
  3. I already uninstalled the msi ab (before that I set to default before uninstalling) and the gpu driver, that's why im having problem on installing again the driver when the GPU is running. My laptop freezes on boot start.
  4. LAPTOP SPECS Model: Lenovo Z51 CPU: I7 5th gen GPU: AMD r9 m375 RAM: 8gb Overclocking app: MSI afterburner So I overclock my GPU from 900mhz to 1000mhz (dont have knowledge on safe clock speed) coz i really need fps on games but i know it has risk but fck it. And then after few days I open my laptop and it crashes having a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (thread driver error). I was wondering if it can be fix? Currently using UMA GRAPHICS, because everytime I booted my laptop with GPU running, my laptop freezes and causes to boot again. Thank you for you