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  1. Thanks il try that.I tried HW info and it was 80C like in AVX test.I will not look at Afterburner and Hwmonotor anymore..
  2. I tried AVX stress and it didnt exceded 80C also my HW monitor showed 85C.I wanted to lower my voltage but its grayed out and i could't do in bios either it just stays on auto i tried enter but nothing happens.
  3. Yes but almost no difference because i have 2 fan on cpu cooler and plus 3 front 2 up and 1 back cooler.My gpu never exceded 70C.
  4. Ok thank you.Will a 1.20V be fine if pass the stress test or is too low?
  5. I tried to repaste with cooler master and with an xm 4 but it didnt work.Also my voltage is 1.30.Is that ok or should i lower it?I just dont want do damage my cpu or mb.
  6. Hello guys.I have a problem with my i7 9700 (non k).I bought an Arctic cooler freezer 34 esport duo and my cpu temps are awful.With 100% stress test it goes up to 85C.When i play some games like Gears 5 i see via Afterburner and HW monitor that my temps goes up to 90C and 125W usage.Is that normal for this cpu or should i do something in bios?Btw i have Z370 aorus gaming 5 motherboard.