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  1. Check it before because I doubt you've seen the amount of statistics it measure. (cores, TDP, L1+L2 cache etc).
  2. thanks for the suggestion but I'm good I'd rather stick to the 2 i suggested. also I went on versus.com and it seems the 3900X is better than the 5900X and the 3950X is better than the 5950X
  3. compared to the 3900X its more expensive, same amount of cores, the same amount of GHz so I don't see why I should. Thanks for the feedback though.
  4. Not sure whether I should get a 3900 or 3950. (After saving money but still need a good gpu). Is there a massive difference in performance?
  5. i have the airflow. idk what you mean by where your from. like region?
  6. joe_mama69


    thank you. btw pcpartpicker shows which website so if your planning on building a pc then go there if your after saving money
  7. joe_mama69


    Is it smarter to buy custom built on pcpartpicker and use honey or should I use pcpartpicker to find the correct website and buy everything individually while using honey to save money?
  8. Lets say for working on a 2TB project. I thought the large ram might be good for some extra speed on the pc but i just started building pcs so I don't know if it will matter that much
  9. Should I add some Corsair LL120's to my 220T if I buy one. They're 120mm
  10. It wasn't for gaming it was for a large project. Not like a school one though.
  11. oh ok I just started building pcs my bad if i sound dumb
  12. Does anyone think 128 GB of RAM is worth it? I asked a similar question somewhere else and most people said 128 is overkill.