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  1. Cool, thanks. Yea, a NVME cache would be very beneficial. Guess I'll wait for something to go on sale.
  2. Thanks. Though this makes a lot of sense, I think the size / power / noise would be a problem would be an issue for my environment. Yea, seems strange. I guess only people with heavy 4K+ video editing want 10gbe. Curious why you suggest Synology vs QNAP. I'm not partial to either (only experience with an old QNAP).
  3. A newbie around here, I’d like to say hello. TL;DR - need small NAS recco with some speed, but no VMs. I have been trying to figure out what direction to go for a NAS for the past couple months and frankly, I’m overloaded. My needs are pretty basic compared to everything ya’ll do. I need to have high data protection and the ability to edit RAW photos and low bitrate video (100MB/s) directly off my NAS. I have been using a QNAP for 10 years and it’s relatively ok, but I am starting to worry about bitrot. Also, the interfaces on it are just s