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  1. Well i used to have g skill ram before i bought my dominators for my corsair build they never gave me any issues ever since i upgraded my ram all these issues started to occur but testing my ram without xmp on it memtest86 it comes out clean with no errors on all 4 passes so im not even sure at this point also note when i clear cmos and run my pc without xmp i tried to check my task manager and my pc locks up as in i cant move the mouse at all and have to hard reset my pc.
  2. If that fails aswell would that mean my ram is faulty?
  3. I7 9700k Asus z390-e gaming mobo Corsair dominator platinum rgb 3200mhz Corsair rm 750x psu Asus strix 1080 ti Samsung 960 evo nvme m.2 (boot drive) 4tb seagate hardrive (storage)
  4. Basically ive been having issues with my pc for awhile now ive been doing sfc scan and sometimes it shows that theres no issues but about an hour or so in of being on it and doing another scan it comes up with corrupted files and sfc scan doesnt fix them i tried to use the dism command and says it successfully fixed my files i reset my pc and do another sfc scan and it shows i have corrupted files again so i decided to do a fresh install of windows through usb did that about 2 weeks ago but sfc scan still shows that i have corrupt windows files i have done memtest 86 with my ram no xmp and the