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  1. yeah, when I played COD Warzone it wasnt that bad i think on 1440p, 100+ FPS. just kinda annoyed that I just wanted to hit 240 FPS on that game and some others at the lowest settings possible since i have a 240hz 1080p monitor. 2nd monitor is 1440p 144hz, but got it such a while ago, it seems to flicker when I play on it, but doesnt happen on my 1080p. Got any recommendations on what games I should test out? I did Watch Dogs Legion on all ultra with RT on and wasnt getting a constant 60 but sometimes going above 70fps. CSGO it seems to go constant 240+fps on semi low settings on Dust 2 (which
  2. Update once again: Still seems like it underperforms or whatever. Have no clue why and waited for the newest drivers to come out and still same problem. I even went ahead and formatted my SSD and installed a fresh windows 10 1909. This situation is so weird lol.
  3. Update, seems like I am having the same problem, not going to complain anymore, it must be a early adopter thing. Hopefully this upcoming week they release a new driver and fix a bunch of problems.
  4. Yeah I was watching Symfuhny if you know who that is, and was having the same issue but was getting more FPS than I was. Before I went to bed I went to EVGA's forum and downloaded the default VBIOS for my card and it gave me more FPS than before. But for some reason not getting what I am supposed to get still. I am guessing NVIDIA has to fix this? and the other thing is, when I play Fortnite, it seems when I play on DirectX 11, I get stuttering a lot, but when I play on DirectX 12, its way more stable BUT the textures flicker for some reason. Just does not make sense to me at all.
  5. also, I noticed on GPU-Z on PerfCap Reason it says VRel, VOp if that matters.
  6. ok cool, will update here tomorrow to see if it solved my problem thanks!
  7. so just update and not restore? im so sorry if im on your nerves lmao im just trying to make sure before i do anything wrong
  8. So, Reset this Pc, then what?
  9. currently on Windows 10 Pro 2004. should i just update to that? or should i "restore but keep all files and apps"?
  10. hmmmmm, you really think its windows acting up? if so i guess you suggest a clean install of windows or you think i can rollback or reinstall but keep all files
  11. did all of that, still having the same issue. dont understand why this is happening to me
  12. so what your saying is, put back in my 1080ti FE and then do the DDU and then put the 3090 back in and update the GPU etc? i ask cause i did that before i put in my 3090
  13. Hi there! Been recently playing with my new GPU but been having issues. I seem to be not getting the FPS that others are getting with an i9-9900k on 1080p 240hz. When I play Call of Duty Warzone I get about 165+ on all low settings, when roaming around and sometimes drops even lower but in plane I get 200+ on all low settings, keep in mind Ray tracing is off. When I play Fortnite with Ray tracing off, textures start to flicker which never happened when I played on my 1080 Ti FE. My motherboard is a MSI MPG Gaming Pro Carbon (will attach speccy screenshot). So I am worried if my GPU is bad or i