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  1. They helped me log into it and perform a firmware update. Things seems to be working correctly now.
  2. Second this. Do lots of research as to not risk making a completely open connection to your machine for people to have some fun with.
  3. I believe I have found the issue. My brand new network switch T1600G-28PS (completely forgot to list it in my hardware list) appears to have failed. I was getting an error 501 when trying to get into the admin panel. I plugged my access point directly into my router and wireless devices started working normally again. I'm going to contact TP-Link when they are open and see if they can help fix it or send me a new one.
  4. There weren't really any changes that I'm aware of. I have 3 computers and a lot of smart home gear. At first I thought something might be having an issue and transferring a large amount of data, but looking at my throughput on my router, it doesn't seem to be peaking at all. The devices that are working better still seems to have occasional issues. At first I thought it might be a wireless only problem, but I ran a wire to one of my laptops and that one continued to have issues, even over a wired connection. The only thing I can think that I added somewhat recently was a ne
  5. Here's what it showed in the logs and the connection stats.
  6. Problem description: I've been having network issues for about 2 weeks now. I have intermittent connectivity across all of my devices. Some of my wired devices are fine, but some are not. All of my wired devices go in and out constantly. Pages load slow, sometimes not at all. Downloads will fail half way through if they even manage to start. Game pings will fluctuate wildly until eventually completely disconnecting. My smart speakers constantly say they are having problems or are reconnecting to WIFI. My computers that are working correctly get around 300-350mb/s download speed and the ones th