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  1. They're switching off Mac, so mostly Thunderbolt up to this point, the USB days were back in 2012 when the company started, BEFORE I got there. Budget-wise, preferably under 9k CAD for the RAID. Ive budgeted 4.5k CAD for the edit system. I hadn't considered PCIE SSDs, I was looking at using 8x4TB Samsung EVOs, with a 970 M.2 for the boot drive.
  2. Hey all, long time lurker and building enthusiest, first time poster, hope I'm picking the right category. A media company I work with is currently looking for a new way to store and edit 4k video. Their starter project is a 6 episode series shot on multiple 4k cameras. The project is currently backed up to multiple LaCie thunderbolt drives (about 20TB in all) and I've been tasked with designing, building and implementing a RAID solution to hold all the footage for editing, as well as building a new Premiere Pro machine to edit with. While building the edit rig is fairly straightf