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  1. First of all thanks for the reply. I check'd steam remote play as well but i like to have physical copies of my games so i wasn't really considering that as an option, at least if it's not the only one
  2. I will suggest to set up a samba share on a regular rasbian lite , this way you can still use your raspberry as you normally would (running bots or stuff like that). I'm definely not an expert so maybe someone will point out that this approach sucks but as far as i'm concerned it works fine.
  3. Hi all, I'm currently hosting a local server on a HP PC equipped with the following: 2x 10TB WD Red HHD; Gigabit ethernet; Ubuntu server 2020 as the OS. Recently i've been saving some money in order to buy a new gaming PC (planning to spend around1500-1800$) and i would like to use this new one also as a replacement of the above mentioned "Server", which main scope is to run a Plex server and placeholder for backups. The problem is that my bedroom is already full of stuff and in order to save some space and also have a quieter place (the server is running 2