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  1. thank you very much for your help it was the mobo
  2. i was 100% sure it was that but ill get my self a new mobo and try that and hopefully that fixes it. thanks
  3. ok i will go check if i have some bent pins and if i dont ill order my self a new mother board and see if that works. thanks for your help
  4. no i left it how it came and didn't change anything
  5. i know this is a stupid question but i would need new thermal paste if i took my cpu out to check those things?
  6. no i have not tried it with a different ram kit, ill try that when i get a hold of some. no i dont think it as physically damaged i think it had just over heated one to meany times
  7. no i left it how it came and didn't change anything
  8. Hi my pc keeps crashing and going to a black screen then the dram light come on the MB , then after a-few minutes it boots back up then happens all over again. at first i thought it as faulty ram so i tried running it with with just one stick then the other stick and i had the same problem. then i tried updating all the bios of the MB same problem. i have had the pc for 7 months running fine till the cpu broke about a week ago witch i have replaced and it ran fine for the first few days till this started happening any help or ideas would be much appreciated. thanks