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  1. I removed the GPU and the system does boot, led lights and fans on, but everytime I restart it with the power button, a different debug led comes on, it could be VGA or the BOOT led. The BOOT Led was on before I took out the GPU though with that screen showing.
  2. Im not able to swap out the video card as its my only one, reseated the cpu again and the display is still the same with the weird flashing colors. Is my CPU corrupted or something? Should I just buy a new CPU or graphics card?
  3. Yes thats exactly what it says, before I took out the CMOS battery it was just stuck on my motherboard boot screen, unable to use my keyboard or mouse. Usually my keyboard lights up indicating that its on but now the lights don't turn on and nothing I press works.
  4. How can I boot into safe mode? When I start the pc or hard reset with the power button, it always starts up with the "Devices changed" screen and I'm unable to use my keyboard, I tried using different usb ports and it doesnt work, I plugged my keyboard into a different device to see if it was the keyboard but it wasn't
  5. Everything was working fine until I decided to install Valorant, it prompted me to reboot my pc to install the anti cheat so I did, upon restarting, my PC was stuck on the mobo boot screen and the keyboard/mouse was not lighting up. I've tried booting with a singular ram stick and switched out between the two, I took out my CMOS battery for 5 minutes and put it back in, now I'm stuck on "Devices changed" screen and can't press f1/f2 to continue. Mpg x570 Gaming edge wifi AMD Ryzen 7 3700x Radeon RX 570 2x XPG ADATA DDR4 8GB