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  1. Hey all. so I took everything out and went from there. The solution? Clearing the CMOS. im kicking myself because I tried early last night to pull the battery, and it was giving me trouble so I moved on. Then stayed up for several more hours troubleshooting. thanks all for the help
  2. Oh here’s an update. The pc will stay shut down if and only if I hold the power button to force a shutdown.
  3. Interesting and annoying problem that I haven’t ever seen before and I could really use some help I recently upgraded my mobo, power supply and AIO. After it booted properly I went to shut it down and immediately when it did the pc turned itself back on again. Moments before shutting off the fans ramped up. I have updated the bios, and I’ve needed around with the limited power settings in it. I’ve also messed around with the windows power settings and eventually did a fresh install. But the problem is still present. I have even took the ram sticks out and replaced them in