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  1. go for 2tb if you can afford it, its the best value right now compared to 1TB, but still costly. or just get a 500gb and a 8tb hdd to use for backing up games, so you can transfer them to the 500gb hdd as needed. i got my crucial p5 500gb for just £85. 100% worth it, although tbh the difference between it and a crucial mx500 sata 2.5'' drive is hardly noticable for me. it is noticable on benchmarks however, and i dont have the best memory, so it probably is actually much better and im just not noticing it lol i'd recommend: high speed low capacity nvme as boot drive (fa
  2. i tried this too, decided to give up and just backup all my steam games to my NAS, when i need them i just copy them over if you want something more nice looking you could set up a nextcloud and make sharing links for games as needed. nextcloud seems to be a bit slower than smb3 though
  3. I made a tiered & mirrored storage space with the powershell method on w10 pro x64 some time ago, but I just got a new 8tb wd red drive for cheap as a black friday deal. I have 3 vms running and all are storing crucial data that I can't lose, totalling 28TB, and its way too large to backup as i don't even have any drives totalling that size. I really want to add in this new 8tb drive into my setup, but i'm not sure if I should do it via the GUI, since I created the storage space via powershell, I assume i'll have to do it via powershell? I tried googling but did not find much help,
  4. you will probably be able to get all that stuff cheaper locally. go to where you would usually go to buy wood/building supplies if you dont mind making it out of wood. or do what @Dutch_Master said
  5. thanks guys! love yall. thanks for your time. ill go ahead and install from scratch then. i don't get the point of snaps lol, why make them if you can't even edit the config files to get some use out of it? so dumb. are they just used for testing or something? i think i will do it myself instead of using virtualmin, only because im scared it'll set something I don't like lol
  6. what i did is just put startech rubber case feet on components and place them on top of each other, ive got the server computer at the bottom, then a laptop on top of it with rubber case feet, and 2 switches on top also with rubber case feet, and planning to put a old router used as an AP on top of there too. its on a cheap computer desk that you can roll around was like £20
  7. raspberry pi will defo not be enough do you have a spare laptop or PC somewhere you could use? if you want to pay for 'plex pass' to enable hw acceleration, the newer intel cpus with 'intel UHD graphics' can handle 4k well. but yeah, you'll need at least a i3 or something to transcode 4k lol if needed, you can get a cheap i5 system on ebay, look up dell optiplexes, the sandybridge/ivybridge i5s are cheap right now. the i7s are quite a bit more expensive even though they're old, so the i5s are generally better value unless you get lucky. i got lucky a few years ago and got a
  8. i don't think you can get a rack for that amount. here in the uk, just the shelf for the rack costs like £25-30. the server racks seem to cost like £200. i don't know why TF it costs that much lol, thats the only reason I don't have one. I just bought a little computer desk instead. im sure you can get something similar to a rack for 40$ for cheap af, but you never know, they might be way cheaper in India than they are over here
  9. thank you very much! that was quick AF, i appreciate it one last question, because the apache from the nextcloud snap is running seperately, does that mean I can't edit the config files to change VirtualHosts and whatnot? I want to be able to edit/specify different documentroots and point them to different domain names, hopefully thats possible?
  10. media creation tool for windows, rufus for everything else.
  11. ive set up ubuntu server and installed the snap package for nextcloud, and accessing my server via its ip address shows the nextcloud page, all good... but when i type in service status --all to view all running services, it doesn't show apache anywhere on the list. am I missing something lol? does apache installed from nextclouds snap package run differently to apache installed normally? apologies if its a dumb question, i am noob. but i want to be able to edit the apache config files for when I install other stuff on the same ubuntu server installation, and i cant eve
  12. sorry to be a bother but do you have a source for that? no worries if not. its just that i heard from many sources at least 6 cores should be all utilised by modern games.
  13. 9600k doesnt have hyperthreading so it was all cores. sorry about your PC RIP the 9600k does shine most when overclocked, ive got mine at 5.2 right now i'm really sure games are taking advantage of more than 4 cores nowadays though. GTAV is pretty old, same for CSGO. Even HITMAN seems to use all 6 cores on my machine. so it depends how modern are the games OP would be playing brb though, have to collect my kitty from the vet