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  1. Board has a convenient light system to tell you what didn't work. CPU lights up followed by DRAM. Is it possible I messed up and need to find a 8th gen CPU to do a bios update? Yes I have a GPU so it's not because of that sadly.
  2. not sure what the answer to your question is? Are you asking about the RAM sticks or the DIMM slots on the motherboard?
  3. ECC works in non-ecc boards as long as it isn't buffered AFAIK. Just don't get the ECC function, which I do not care about
  4. see title. I am looking at buy a lightly used workstation on super cheap. Has 4x32gb RAM (DDR4 2666, ECC unbuffered) to cannibalize some parts for a budget upgrade to my system (CPU+motherboard, which also means I need more RAM). It's a great deal if I can use the CPU+RAM from the workstation and buy a cheap lga 1151 motherboard that fits my current GPU. Can it work in that motherboard with a 64 gb limit? Will it not post/function at all? Will it use 64 gb total in two channels? Will it treat each 32gb as 16 gb max (per slot)?