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  1. As a follow-up, do you know where this information would be listed? I wasted so much time searching in vain, I'd like to be able to know where to look next time instead of simply googling it.
  2. Thanks! I suspected that was the issue because of the cpu debug light but was not able to find the info that confirms this.
  3. Hey, I am in the dark here. Background story: I am building my first pc and I plan on putting a ryzen 5900X/5800X (depending on premium they sell for in Canada), and a 3080 or the AMD equivalent. I bought all the other parts of the system over the last 2-3 weeks and assembled the unfinished pc. I bought a used 3200g as a place holder until I get the cpu and gpu to start working on making everything working. The problem: I want to make my system ready to receive a 5000 series cpu as soon as it is delivered but when I update the bios of my x570 Tomahawk I end up with a black scr