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  1. I would but I don't have money. My previous psu was a Sentey xcp 630 and lasted for some 4 years
  2. Giving an update: I literally unplug everything, I disassembled the computer almost entirely, took the gpu out, the motherboard, switched the ram positions, didn't bother taking the psu out and re-sorting cables, same with the ssd and hdd, and then assembled it all back together and now it turned on properly. I'm still worried wtf was that? Why did it do that? Is it going to happen again? Is something in my pc going to die? I'm like super stressed with this
  3. i7-7700 Msi GTX 1050ti Asrock H110M-HDS x2 Ballistix Sport 2400mhz 480gb sandisk ssd 1tb seagate hdd Generic keyboard Razer basilisk No, same thing, a milisecond of lights and then nothing
  4. Recently my generic PSU died and my family helped buying a new one since we don't really have money to be spending I bought a Thermaltake Smart 500w and everything was okay till last night. Last night the pc turned off as usual and I turned off the stabilizer as I normally do. Today I turned the stabilizer back on just to see the gpu, keyboard and mouse lights turn on for a milisecond and the power button does nothing, like if the psu short-circuit protection triggered or something, what do I do?