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  1. No :"( For a last try I'm gonna try reprogramming the BIOS IC Just hope it will work :")
  2. So it cannot be a BIOS issue right? I forgot to mention when the problem firstly occurred, I was playing my every-day offline video game and suddenly it went off - didn't know the reason and it was not that hot - I tried to turned it on but this problem happened, at that moment I left it cooling for like one hour then tried again but nothing changed.
  3. The power button key light, also the battery charging light.. I tried to show u the two lights in this video, sorry for the low quality. Video_problem.mp4
  4. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01732674 In the tutorial video in how to understand the light blinks .. As I understood there must be a loop start, yet mine doesn't have one it keeps doing the same blink over and over. Actually it has been blinking for 2 hours until now with the same sequence ! -I'm trying to make the battery ran out-
  5. I have hp omen 15 and it won't boot. Laptop product number : 4PS40EA#A2N name : hp omen 15 dc-00001nx so when I press the power button key, it lights up but the device -also the fans- doesn't start, the light keeps blinking. The light has a sequence of 5sec long light on, then 3sec off. The light doesn't stoo until I hold the power button key for 10sec. I've already tried to do many solutions that I've read online such as removing the battery and turn it on with the adapter only and vice versa, take out the RAM and put it back again, holding the power key fo