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  1. Damn Lol, imma do a youtube video on both cpu's, it looks like no one has done one on the i9 and no one has seen a 100 dollar 1700. Thanks for replying!
  2. Ill send you the link for the i9 and the r7 if your interested, yeah ill probably upgrade to a 2060 or 3070 but we gotta see
  3. I got the 980 for free, vr company ceo was a friend and just gave it to me
  4. I mean I bought both and I got new motherboards for both
  5. Ill take a look at the part numbers for the ES chips, I got a rog strix 980, I dont game that much and all I want is smooth frames no matter what setting. Part numbers are: QTB0 10900t, QTB1 10900, QTB2 10900k
  6. I agree, its a pretty nice deal right now especially when I can spend a bit more to get a more reliable and efficent powersupply and a better ssd
  7. Yeah and multiple sellers have it at the exact same price as well. Weird but if it works it works
  8. surprisingly it isnt that, its just the normal 1700, idk how and why but hey its a bargain for what I do
  9. I mostly do CAD with fusion and solidworks and I do some editing and rendering so I picked it, better deal for me. I was originally going to go with either a tenth gen i5, 17 or a ryzen 5 3500x, ryzen 5 1600 AF. I ended up going with the 1700 purely because a. Its cheaper, b. Its better for my use case.
  10. From my last i9 ES post I mentioned other cheap CPU's albeit they werent this one I still wanted to mention it. Its a tray version (??) of the ryzen 1700 and doesnt come with heatsinks or fancy boxes, just a small black box with the cpu and the sticker. Found it on taobao for around 100 dollars US and was immedietly intruiged by the thing. It performs the same, is new and is cheap, as far as i see the reviews arent fake and I just bought one for myself to use in a future build, whats everyones opinion on this? I havent found any other 1700 or ryzen bulk order cpu's before so this is a first fo
  11. Yeah I would be most worried about longevity and reliability if I ever bought one.
  12. Thanks! Yeah seems sketchy, gonna take a closer look maybe even go see the seller sometime to take a look of it
  13. Yeah correct, they are pretty interesting though so I might get one to test.
  14. While searching for a new cpu for my next pc build I stumbled upon a really cheap engineering sample intel i9 10900 (k, t and normal ones) for around 200-300 dollars which is almost half the price of an official brand spanking new in box version. Took a look at the reviews and people seem to be actually using these things reliably and with accurate clock speeds. Any opinions on this? P.S Found this on taobao, apparantly theres also i7 and i5 engineering samples and even some laptop chips turned desktop socketed chips, very interesting. I know linus has done videos on these but have
  15. Dude who likes building computers and designing stuff in CAD. I also quite like rare hardware especially CPU's and GPU's. Dont have enough money to collect a lot of what I want but Ill work on it slowly.