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  1. ey, thx for the warm welcome <3, srry for the late answer but I've been trying to fix this the whole day, tried moving the fans, using the pc without a side panel, literally using a regular fan to blow air in and out of the gpu but it didnt drop a single degree, so I just gave up and moved back to my old case:( the space between the gpu and power supply was just to small for it to get any air sadly (about like 5-6? cm) but thx anyways!
  2. Hi, I have been using a Cooler master elite 371 case with my zotac twinfan 1650 super for a while now and usually got like 30-35º while idle and 70-75º while playing, but just recently changed to a micro atx case, a gamemax expedition blue and my temps changed to 40-45 while idle and 80-84º while playing, tried moving my fans around and didnt help much, should I just ignore these new temps or should I like try to reduce them by lowering my graphic settings while gaming or sth