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  1. umm yes, the real question of this discussion is "what desktop environment are you using?", but I wrote it "what is the best desktop environment" to get people interested. sorry for that
  2. thanks for all the advice, maybe for a while I will use dual boot, and xubuntu as my disto of choice
  3. Yeah dual boot is a good option thanks for this. Btw, my laptop specification is ryzen 3 2200u, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd. I choose xfce cause it need less of resource
  4. Office Microsoft edge Obs Blender Davinci Spotify Some of game on steam, epic games and ubisoft Btw, mx linux go on top list right now, is it good for me?
  5. I'm new on linux, i haven't install linux yet. But soon i will be switch to linux cause i hate windows update and at how many resource that it need. So i have choose xfce for my desktop environment, but im confused at choose which distro is compatible with many apps cause i still can't move on from windows apps. Thanks for helping Sorry for my english