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  1. Eureka!!! I do have a modular power supply, and in fact the my old power supply was modular as well. I had just chucked all the modular cables I had into 1 bag since I ignorantly assumed the connectors would be universal (like the SATA end is), and if they weren't they wouldn't physically plug in. I plugged the cable that looked a little different then the others (not braided) into one of my other HDD's and poof, no more HDD (a bit of a shame since I had some old backup footage on it, nothing too important but sad to lose, my own fault I shouldn't have done this with a drive that had anything
  2. Hello. I have a computer (windows 10 home, i9-9900k, 1080ti, z390 asrock taichi ultimate mobo, 2x 8gb ram) that I am trying to install new hard drives in. I currently have an SSD and a HDD and I am wanting to install an additional 3 2 tb drives, possibly with storage spaces raid 5 like setup on the new drives, for video editing. I ordered 3 seagate BarraCuda 2 TB 6 Gb/s 7200 RM 256 mb cache hard drives from amazon, plugged them in, undetected in BIOS and disk manager. Tried plugging one in at a time, same story. Tried unplugging my existing HDD, and plugging those same cables (powe