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  1. Next year, I am hoping to wire my house up with cat 8, as it won't really be touched for a long time once it's done. I don't really want to channel the walls as it would cost a lot to re-plaster, but I can't find any outside cat 8 cabling. Does anyone know if it exists, and if so, where can I buy it?
  2. Unforunately I don't think that is correct. The case I was using before was not the original case; it was an old gamemax. This motherboard would have come in a Lenovo M81 tower, so this can't be a proprietary connector. I have just checked whether the case was using an adapter, but it wasn't. Thanks for answering anyway.
  3. So, I just got a new case, and installed my old computer. I knew that I wouldn't be able to connect most of my front panel, but thought audio would work, as i had it working fine in my old case. However, the connectors are completely different, and I can't find anything on it online. The motherboard i'm using is an old lenovo 0385CJ1. Please can anyone help if possible?