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  1. @Mark Kaine All downloads are capped at 1.5 MBps, regardless of where they're from. I've tried downloads from Steam, Blizzard and multiple files from Chrome. I have tried power cycling the router / Modem combo. I haven't changed my steam region because results are the same everywhere. I've restarted the pc several times. What does TLDR mean? I've disconnected one of the two network cables. @cr8tor After removing the second cable I did reboot. Several times as I have been making some c
  2. How can I delete the pic? and I connected two because I figured it wouldn't hurt. I'll disconnect one but have always had two without issue. I understand, according to the speed test od 80mbps i should be downloading at about 10MBps but im only getting 1.5MBps
  3. Pc specs MSI z390 Godlike I9-9900KS 32GB DDR4 3600 Corsair, Dominator Platinum RTX 3090 FE Storage Samsung 970 evo plus
  4. I’ve submitted a photo of a speed test and a steam download over a wired and a Wi-Fi connection. The results are nearly identical. I really appreciate your time. It wasn’t always like this. I used to be able to download at the same speed as what the speed test resulted in.
  5. There’s a single telephone line coming out of the wall, running about 50’ and connecting to the modem router combo supplied by CenturyLink. From there I have two 50’ network tables connecting my pc to the modem router combo.
  6. There are other people on the net in the house. However, the same time I get a 70 - 80 Ookla speed test result, I'm stuck with these actual download speeds.
  7. Game files from steam and blizzard. Regular downloads from Chrome such as Uplay and AC Valhalla fan pack. Sorry for the late reply.
  8. First post so if I'm doing something wrong just tell me. I pay for 85 mbps, the Ookla speed test is consistently coming back with 70 - 80 mbps download yet all downloads seem to be capped at 1.5 MBps. This is a wired connection, I've tried over wifi with the same results. Please help