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  1. I have tried everything and it still does it, I think I'm going to take to geek squad if they don't know what is going on then I will return everything
  2. Yes bios is on the latest version and the AMD chipset driver was downloaded directly from AMD
  3. Yes ram sticks are in 2and4 I had xmp enabled after my second restart I disabled it. I have tried one ram stick on multiple slots with no luck
  4. Hello so after wanting a pc for years and saving for over a year i decided to build my first gaming pc, i finished the build install windows with no problems updates for windows drivers nvidia chipset audio and ethernet downloaded battle.net to let warzone download overnight. when i wake the fans of the GPU are at 100% (this never happened again) and the pc is off strange so i restarted the pc to let the download continue after 5 min the pc restarted this time i booted back up let spotify run for a while (also downclock the RAM back to 2666) nothing happened so i stared the downloa