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  1. This is the quality of the hinge mount on the lid 3 screws in to a thin, flimsy piece of plastic with super tiny screws.
  2. Its not a problem I knew I had. Until it split the chassis, I'd assumed it was warped plastics. Turned out I was just seeing the glue that sticks the bezel down. No part of the lid is made of metal. Its just a plastic shell. Before I could sell it on, I'd need to replace the lid first.
  3. Backstory So just over 2 1/2 years ago, I bought an Aorus X7 V7 for £2000. I bought this for when I was going to friends houses for a few days. Due to personal matters, I was unable to really use the laptop as I needed to stay at home to look after a sick parent. As I have my own desktop PC, it has had very little use over the years. Recently however, I had started using it for odd jobs and noticed that the lid was becoming harder and harder to open/close. I could see the chassis warp and bezels bend when opening the lid (I've probably only opened/shut it about 100 ti