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  1. I found a solution bro thank you so much for trying to help though
  2. I think I just saw something about it. if I unplug it from the power it goes straight to 2511MHz which is base. I think it has something to do with the power
  3. my last system was always running at max speed. Also if I increase my resolution it runs slower which it should ramp up in performance idk what is going on tbh.
  4. actually it's still going as low as 1800MHz but the thing is I know these systems are supposed to run at max CPU speeds once you're gaming. They only slow down if they are throttling and this one does not throttle at all the CPU is sitting at 71 degress atm which is far from the 105 max tolerance
  5. it sometimes goes down to 1400/1500MHz. Currently running Fortnite at 2300 though so I'm checking so see if I see a pattern with it. I tried a charger with similar amperage to mines. Idk if my charger got damaged when my last motherboard was damaged.
  6. it's going below 2.5 otherwise I would be fine with it. Outside of gaming it ranges between 2.5-3.1GHz but when I run a game it slows down.
  7. yes but each core reaches 3.1GHz. I had the i5-6200U motherboard first and it always ran at 2700-2800MHz when gaming which is the turbo boost frequency
  8. I have an acer aspire E15-575G. I recently ordered a new motherboard because my old one had power problems. I don't know why but for some reason while gaming my processor doesn't turbo to max speed. In fact, the clock speeds start off at max when the game is launched then clocks down to anywhere from 50 to about 70% speed. I've tried everything and nothing works. Even setting it to max speed with software or power plans which is fine and it does stay at the max turbo speed of 3114MHz. The problem is once I launch a game and it loads properly the clock speed drops. The temperatures are absolute