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  1. Is it possible to have my case fan speed ramp up whenever the GPU gets hot? Whenever I play games on max settings my 3080 goes to like 75-78 degrees (that's with my GPU fan curve at 85% speed btw), I have an NH-D15 so I never have to worry about CPU temps. I heard it was possible on SpeedFan to link fans to GPU but that program no longer works, so what can I do, is it possible?
  2. lmao.. yea i just spun it and it began working.. i just got this case with the fans brand new. so i should buy a new fan then?
  3. I have an issue with my bottom intake fan that came with the case, it just stopped working after I adjusted the fan curves in bios, all my other fans work fine. I don't have my fans spin until 30 degrees, and this specific fan doesn't spin at all even at high temps. I went back into the bios and I would switch it to PWM, voltage, or auto and after a restart the fan would start working normally. But whenever I shut down my PC and start it up again without touching the fans the bottom one doesn't work, it begins to stall I guess, how do I fix this? 20201124_171049.mp4
  4. Not sure if any1 cares but I got everything working, they updated the bios and i'm typing this on new PC ggs
  5. well if the card is dead hopefully I can find another one before warranty runs out lol
  6. I think I might buy & return a 3600 then update from there or go to microcenter and have them do it, I'll update thread if everything works out, thx
  7. yea i knew about this method but the q-flash way seemed like less work lol. and tbh i changed my mind at last second and had gpu in. with that being said, you still think my mobo has a chance of survivng?
  8. Welp, that completely bricked my motherboard.. awesome. A bunch of error numbers showed up on my LED and the monitor still has no display. Now I'm worried my other parts are damaged now. FFS
  9. okay, i'll try it out again. im just gonna take out the gpu this time though and leave everything in. i'll update post if it works or not
  10. I connected it to the gpu first, nothing. then motherboard, Nothing. It just said no signal when I plugged it in first time but after that, black screen. So when I booted the pc 2 hrs ago the red timer looking thing said AE, according to the manual that error means 'Boot to Legacy OS'. Not sure what it means
  11. I just built a pc earlier today and when I turn on the power button, the cpu cooler, fans, rgb, rgb on gpu all starts to run expect my monitor. I checked to see if everything was plugged it and it is. I'm guessing the monitor isn't turning on because my q-flash didn't go through properly. I'm using one of the new ryzen cards I followed this youtube video to the letter: After I put everything on my usb, I put the usb where I drew the red circle on image below, then I hit the q-flash button. It flashed fast for a few seconds, then slow for a couple minutes,