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  1. no thats not what i meant. i meant i cant really wait for the next gen to release to get it
  2. i would normally wait but its my birthday present and im kind of under the gun lol
  3. yeah but the 2700x is almost $70 cheaper than the 2700 on amazon
  4. I have a ryzen 2200g paired with a rx570 4gb right now. i got the 2200g as a placeholder until i got an actual graphics card. now my cpu is kind of a problem when i try to stream. Im looking at either the Ryzen 7 2700x or the Ryzen 5 3600. both are about the same price so they both fit in my budget. which one will be better overall to handle streaming and gaming on the same system? I dont ever play AAA titles i play more esports titles like league of legends, valorant, fortnite, and valorant. might try warzone soon as well. Any tips or recommendations?