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  1. So it's not really advisable to bend wires like that? As far as I can tell, I think it's a USB 2.0 braided wire.
  2. Hi guys I'm a bit OC with my wires and I really find my headset wire being unnecessarily long because I'm already plugging it to a USB splitter. Will folding it and holding it together with zip ties damage it? My headset is a Fantech HG22 7.1 Surround. Here's an image of how I did it: Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  3. It's under ( low priority units - minor issues or lack of info ) on tier A
  4. It's a thermaltake toughpower grand rgb 750w modular gold
  5. How do I check for that? I did a bit of research before buying it and saw it was a tier A PSU...
  6. Hey guys I'm new but I currently run an i7 9700 non k with a Gugabyte gaming Z390 mobo and an RTX 3080 ventus OC edition, When playing games at ultra the PC suddenly shuts down! Thought they were temp issues but it still happens even when the case is open. Can this be due to the PSU's safety running? I use a Toughpower RGB 750w gold... I asked on an FB group and everyone is blaming the PSU... Is the PSU wattage not enough or do I have a faulty PSU? Maybe a bad GPU? Everything is brand new by the way, bought them a few weeks ago.