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  1. Thank you for this suggestion, I will bookmark this video in case the issue arises again, because I appear to have completely fixed the issue. These headphones support cable connection or wireless USB, I NEVER use the wireless feature, and just use the detachable cable because I don't want to charge it every few hours. By using the cable AND plugging in the wireless USB the noise has disappeared and my voice is loud and clear. This still confuses me however, as my girlfriend has never used the USB and it sounds fine for her with just cable. I swapped our headsets
  2. A problem I had with my previous computer as well as this one is that my microphone is always incredibly quiet. It is at 100 in settings, I would always boost it to 10db which makes it an acceptable volume, but introduces some mild noise. 20db boost is too far as the noise is too much. My girlfriends headset (same as mine) is always very loud and clear, with no noise at all. I considered noise reduction programs but I assume they would just make the quality dive bomb
  3. Installing Realtek drivers from the ASUS website appears to have improved the quality, though it hasn't completely killed off the noise, and still sounds worse than my girlfriends microphone. However it is much better than before, thank you for this fix, @AndreiArgeanu If anyone has further suggestions as to how to improve the microphone quality even more, it would be much appreciated.
  4. When looking in system specs the old motherboard only came up as PO3-600, which was the model of the predator build from memory. My friends said it was probably some dodgy no-name motherboard.
  5. Thanks, I'll look into this and let you know what happens
  6. ASUS Prime X570-P/CSM Motherboard, Corporate Stable Model
  7. My girlfriend and I have the exact same headset, her microphone sounds great, and so did mine on my old pc. Recently upgraded and now I blast everyone with background noise and it sounds kind of 'damp' as well. I know close to nothing regarding audio drivers, so forgive any dumb comments I make on this, I think my old computer used realtek HD audio drivers, this new one says it uses "high definition audio device", or sometimes refers to it as "Audio Endpoint". I attempted installing Realtek drivers however I was met with error 0001 and decided to stop in case I messed thi