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  1. Od ręki te procki są na Allegro, ale przepłacisz kilka stówek mocno
  2. Hello, I'll anwer in our language Tak więc wydaje mi się, że jeżeli nie będziesz póki co robił żadnej pro roboty i nie będzie Ci zależeć na absolutnie każdej sekundzie czasu, to 5900X będzie i tak bardzo dobrym wyborem dla Ciebie - to przepotężny procesor i powinien Ci spokojnie starczyć. Do tego pamiętaj, że im więcej rdzeni, tym lepsze chłodzenie będziesz potrzebować. A 5900X już będziesz musiał chłodzić czymś naprawdę dobrym - np. NH-D15 lub jakimś AIO 360mm jak Liquid Freezer II. Twoje chłodzenie też da radę, ale temperatury nie będą jakieś rewelacyjne. Na Twoim miejscu kupiłbym 5900
  3. I have Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi (paired with 3900X). Really good motherboard. Powerful VRM's, good chipset temps, good overall quality. Both M2 slots running full PCIEx4 bandwidth. Really nice bios. Take it
  4. What do you think, which kit will be better to get max performance from 5900X? F4-4000C15Q-32GTZR is 32GB (4x8GB) 4000mhz CL15 1.5V F4-3800C14Q-32GTZN is 32GB (4x8GB) 3800mhz CL14 1.5V Wont these memory be this same Samsung B-Die bin? what do you think?
  5. If you want 128GB for Ryzen platform, then this kit would be ideal for you: G.Skill F4-3600C16Q-128GTZN. Four 32GB sticks 3600mhz CL16, optimized for AMD platform. I dont know if there is faster 128GB kit for AMD on the market
  6. As title say, does anyone have it? Is it worth this amount of money?
  7. Now with 1.53V (mb vdroop) ram temp is around 38-39c. I doubt in CL12 - cannot do even CL13 (I tried) due to GearDownMode - it must be enabled, without it system wont boot.
  8. Hi The kit i have is G.Skill Tridentz Neo 32 GB (4x8GB) 3800mhz CL14 (it's Samsung B-Die based kit). I have been working with timings and i tightened them much (XMP profile is 14-16-16-16-36 for primary timings), but maybe someone here will tell me if these are optimas settings, or is there some room to improve? Here are timings and AIDA64 benchmark results
  9. Due to this AIO size - which pc case will have enough space to contain this AIO in push-pull config?
  10. Images above, sorry for double post, some problems.
  11. Thanks for answer. Didnt know about this Vrdoop, but I suspected it (some guy on newegg said about this kit that he needed too to increase voltage). I have good airflow in case, i think so. My ram temps are around 38-39 C.
  12. Hi. I have memory kit G.Skill Tridentz Neo 32GB (4x8) 3800mhz CL14 (which XMP voltage is 1.5V) paired with Ryzen 3900X on Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi. To get stable work and booting I needed to do some tweaks - set manually FCLK to 1900mhz, set procODT to 36.9ohm and I had to increase DRAM voltage to 1.53V. Without it system didnt boot. Is 1.53V safe voltage for daily use?