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  1. ok cool, I ordered some new ram, I'll report back after I'm able to test it out
  2. I don't have it enabled, but I do have some new developments. I removed one of the sticks and I'm now able to get into windows and use the system, but I then got a BSOD involving the memory, and memtest is still giving me errors. Time to buy new sticks?
  3. I ran memtest and got 24 errors. would I be correct in guessing that it's just the ram sticks at fault? or should I do more research to see if the slots themselves not working properly?
  4. Today I replaced my motherboard and processor with an Asrock b450 pro4 and a Ryzen 5 2600. It posts, I can load into the bios, and everything shows up with the correct specs, but the system seems unable to boot to anything. At first I tried just booting to my boot drive that I've been using in that system for years, but I got errors saying that files in system32 are missing. After that, I tried booting to my installation media, but I got the same error saying that files in system32 were missing or corrupted. I then reinstalled the media creation tool on the flash drive that I've been trying to