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  1. @Radium_Angel Will do my dude! Thanks for replying so quickly!
  2. Okay, I got it back.... Holy crap I was panicking. I was just being stupid and not looking in the right place. I appreciate you @Radium_Angel I
  3. Haha you might think so.. I can only find the boot settings and not the actual drive it's booting from. I there a way from the recovery menu? Every option I tried hit an error except the full wipe. And I don't know how to use the command prompt. UPDATE: Think I found the boot drive options. It's loading now so we'll see.
  4. When windows was working it showed the windows icon on the Samsung ssd. I'm in the bios now but I'm not sure how to find the boot drive. Thanks for replying so soon @Radium_Angel
  5. I recently added a Samsung M.2 500gb and a Samsung SATA SSD 1TB to my existing build, upgrading from my WD blue 1TB. I wanted to move windows to the M.2 but the Samsung software could only move it to the SATA SSD, which I was willing to settle for until I could move it to the M.2. The migration went fine, and I eventually figured out how to make windows run from the SATA SSD. And the old WD drive was wiped. Everything was working and I even restarted the system several times. Now today I try to boot up windows and *slat* nothing. It went to the lock screen once and then a black screen. I rest