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  1. That picture is the side of the Razer hardware development kit that's been sold out for over a year you get 2 strips and have the option to buy two more for the other side. The controller i just bought is new and has the option to plug in 6 5v 3 pin connectors. Im trying to find a link to any ARGB light strips that have these connectors on them so that i can just plug them into the new controller
  2. https://www.razer.com/gaming-pc-accessories/Razer-Chroma-Addressable-RGB-Controller/RZ34-02140600-R3M1
  3. Hello everyone, I ordered the Razer chroma addressable rgb controller today after waiting over a year for stock to be available for the Razer hdk kit and never was able to buy it. Can anyone help me find ARGB light strips that I'll be able to just plug into this controller i found led strips that you have to cut and solder but I can't do all that. It says i need 3 pin 5v addressable connector and also suppose to work with these companies. WORKS BEST WITH ARGB COMPONENTS FROM MANUFACTURERS SUCH AS ENERMAX • LIAN LI • PHANTEKS • SILVERSTONE • TEAMGROUP • THERMALTAKE • COOLER MASTE
  4. I play cod warzone and the multiplayer mode, fortnite, i preordered the new black ops i have the xbox game pass for pc so i have sea of thieves, gta5, i recently got back into spellbreak those type games
  5. Hello everyone, My first post, I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard components for better gaming experience. I currently have a Asrock z390 pro4 motherboard with an I3-8100, 24gb ram and MSI Radeon Rx580 graphics card. I wanted to update my CPU to something better for gaming and higher frames. I don't want a crazy amount of money in my system.