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  1. That is the problem, all it shows is "To Be Filled By OEM"
  2. It is and I still can't believe that with few tweaks I was able to run windows 10 latest 2004 with WSL2 enabled
  3. I have this old dekstop, on which I have installed Windows 10 but now I having some issues. Here is my old post: Maybe updating BIOS wil solve it but I coudn't find a model number on this motherboard. On sysinfo it shows "To Be Filled By OEM". can anyone help me identify motherboard?
  4. Hi again @Jurrunio, SORRY for bothering again, but how do I raise FSB there is no option in BIOS for that I have AMI BIOS 8.00.15
  5. Thanks, I guess I have to overclock cause the PC is just too slow and I am running WSL2 and android studio like apps for educational purpose.
  6. I really am not sure cause I couldn't find the model number but I think it is zebronics 945. Thanks, I did notice that before !! I have all BIOS settings already to optimal defaults. I have BIOS AMI 8.00.15. I don't know much about that Any way to fix this @Jurrunio?
  7. I have intel core2 duo E6850 with 3Ghz base frequency but after installing Windows 10 (had windows 7) the processor never goes upto that mark, even when I am running heavy apps like Andoid Studio the max frequency is about 2.4Ghz. The task manager shows the same as base frequency while the processor's actual base frequency is 3Ghz. Here is the screenshot of Task manager: I checked the frequency using HWiNFO while running stress test (in case task manager showing wrong info) and here is the snap: I googled about it and have already tried following and NONE of