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  1. what happened which one did you return?, i have the same problem i wanted to return them, but i really like the treble, thanks in advance.
  2. yeah please i'm really thankful for any more information i can get thanks bro (edit) little question idk if it's weird, but do people measure their ears and if they do. how to do it?
  3. then i hope they will be comfortable because logitech weren't that comfortable but they was more comfortable than the dt990 at least. thank you for the help
  4. yeah i tried it's my ear, so i think the dekoni is going to be comfortable, but i don't think they will be worth it because the headphones itself with the shipping was 221 so yeah but hd58x will be with the shipping 175 so i think they may be worth money. thanks everyone for the help
  5. just a little question and you don't have to answer it if i'm bothering you i had use the Logitech g933 the drivers or i don't the plastic in top of the driver is curved are they similar in the hd58x or are they as big as Logitech g933 earcup. thanks in advance
  6. i will. thank you very much, i hope you're doing well in this time's
  7. yes i know i would love to go with them but i it doesn't worth it after all i'm not that rich so i need the every dollar i can save so yeah and i'm not that poor but i hope you get my point
  8. and little question are the hd58x bigger ear cup size or not ?
  9. and thank you i don't find the dt990 worth now because it is with the shipment 221 dollars and i would need to buy a pads this to much i think i'm going to return them and i will be going with the hd58x till i become rich or it become available at my country then i'm going to buy them with the foam
  10. neither i'm in at Saudi Arabia but, i had the pad for only one week how the hell is they are flattened are they this, cheap and i heard that this are going to effect the quality
  11. hello i have bought a new dt990, and they are fantastic at the sound, but when it come to the comfort the left one is really comfortable but the right is not it feel like they are touching my ear so is this normal or i have defective one or what do i do? because i really like the sound on them sorry if my english isn't that good