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  1. Cooler Master just send me a response. I'll share it for posterity. Bad news for low-profile TKL lovers.
  2. I know the feeling, it's apparently very strange to want a wireless mechanical keyboard. Arghhh so close! I do a lot of programming so I prefer a US International layout. I didn't mention it before because it's so obvious to me, it's the standard layout in the Netherlands. A German layout would be a daily annoyance. A French legend would be even worse because they use AZERTY instead of QWERTY. Trying to find a board that suits my preferences is a constant stream of "Arghhh so close!" and "Out of stock, again‽". I'm not sure if this is because nobody wants a board like this,
  3. The Razer Huntsman doesn't have low-profile keys, or keycaps though The G915 would be €232,73... I'm not that desperate yet! For the G915 I only looked on the Logitech webshop, so there might be some floating around on third-party stores. It's really expensive and unnecessarily bulky though.
  4. My keyboard has almost died. There are issues with multiple keys (`c`, `s`, `;`, right shift, num 1). It's a fullsize Keychron K1 V3; a wireless low-profile board. I absolutely loved it untill it decided to make my life difficult. It's a great productivity board imo. When looking for a replacement I found multiple boards that would work great, but they all seem to be out of stock. This includes the following boards: - Keychron K1 V4 - Cooler Master SK651 - Cooler Master SK631 (TKL, but I need a board!) - Cooler Master SK621 (Not really an option, but out